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Burt’s Bees Started A Wave In Green-Products

green-productsBurt’s Bees employees will be buzzing this year as the maker of plant-based personal care products attempts to broaden the line’s appeal.

Burt’s Bees, based in Raleigh, N.C., is the manufacturer of a 10-year- old gift and health food store line, best known for beeswax lip balm and an unconventional style. For example, the line’s packaging and marketing materials frequently feature pictures of a bearded, flannel- clad Burt Shavitz, one of the company’s founders. And because the company takes environmental issues seriously, most of its packaging is made from recycled cardboard, aluminum or glass.

The company recently expanded into more varied markets, such as skin tag removal products. According to Laura Donegan of Remove Skin Tags Now, the products are a real step forward.

“Obviously, having a green-skin tag removal cream is exactly what many people are looking for. Removing skin tags at home isn’t easy, and the new product is a lifesaver,” said Donegan.

But thanks to — or maybe in spite of — this back-to-the-earth image, the brand’s sales have been growing 30 percent to 35 percent every year Continue reading